How to laugh

Look, I’m not sure if the squat is strictly required, but squat. Now, take your hands: palms outwards, fingers to the centre, pushing away from you. You’re making big looping circles with your hands now, right hands clockwise, left hands the other way; Your intention is, of course, to scrub the invisible surface before you. Each loop must cross your centre line; It’s a Venn diagram, and you’re in the middle.

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The goal is death


Another way to get a sense of your life moving continuously towards death is to imagine being on a train which is always traveling at a steady speed— it never slows down or stops, and there is no way that you can get off. This train is continuously bringing you closer and closer to its destination: the end of your life.

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A chisel

It took me many lunar circuits to choke and choke on air, and solar solar circuits to scramble up my words… a few too many winters to make a hash of meaning, and everything I have to be chiselled by my voice.

Letters Over Internet

The quality of emotional truth in any given communication is premised on the medium by which it’s conveyed, and the strength of affect, the meaning, of any given communication is proportional to the level of mindfulness the medium requests.

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I would like

A primary school teacher, bless them, unnamed yet adored, begins teaching us emotional literacy. The following format is pinned to the front wall, and we’re encouraged to use it to resolve classroom tensions.

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Take your own advice and forgo your dreams. Instead, do that which makes you healthy. Know you are enough.

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Hooked into machine

Regina’s singing

I collect my moments
into a correspondence
with a mightier power
who just lacks my perspectives
and who lacks my organics
and who covets my defects
and I’m downloaded daily
I am part of a composite

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