We are made in the image of our words. The metaphors with which we live emerge from the world and are the fabric of our thought. ‘To pollinate’; The pollination process of plants informs the way we think about the movement of ideas.

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Writers who write

When you meet one and they don’t apologise for what they want to express nor how they want to express it it’s a cause for celebration. It is a delight.

Thick sleep

If you want to sleep quickly, go to bed hungry.


Hello. I once invented a drink called Beerish. It’s an effervescent tablet made from malted fermented grains and hops to be placed in a pint of ice-cold mountain water with an added splash of moonshine. Maybe you even carbonate it… It solves the we’re-in-the-mountains-without-a-beer problem. Not quite beer but certainly beerish.

Interesting mantras

I’m a little late to the game, but, when improvising… it’s useful to have a mantra. Mantra: from the Sanskrit, ‘thought behind speech or action’. If you repeat your mantra, and you act according to your mantra… you will be interesting.


Working image: It works something like an airlock. To open the next door, you must first close the others behind you…


When we know that everything is real now. No waiting. You’ve landed.