A sort of methodology

Film theory talks of auteur cinema (director as author) and studio system cinema (director as hired gun) as if they were diametric opposites; as in, it’s art versus commerce. As with every theoretical opposite, there are assumptions, hidden, that must be made in order to hold that binary at all. While arguing art bash commerce, it’s easy to forget that both model director as demigod.

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But a team

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead, the reflexive documentary on the making of Orson’s final film (which holds an internal suggestion that it might, in fact, be the final film itself), brings to mind Exit Through the Gift Shop, the documentary which disintegrates towards fiction the closer it gets to Banksy.

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Living thick

There’s an app called Inquire that I like a lot. It places Wikipedia articles on a map. Discover the world around you! Just like Pokémon Go except there’s no AR and nothing to catch, just you and the wide wide world.

Better things

Sometimes, there are better things to do than write.


Something easy to forget is that one can ask oneself questions. And, if it’s a question regarding the life and health of the mindbody, there will likely come an answer. Then something must be done! One must only allow oneself to ask…

Hot random

Warm people do not attempt to control. They welcome the improbable and the unexpected and the petty hardships and the bits that weren’t in the plan. Warmth is an expectation of randomness…