Futurism S1 E3

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The second wave will occur with the Internet of Things. The IoT will extend the sensing power of the Internet; Once the web can register an entire environment, your pocket computer will be simply the pocket within which you live. It will recognise the objects you interact with (regardless of if they are connected to the network or not), and the way you interact with them. It will thereby begin to understand your objects’ symbolic significance, and respond accordingly.

The IoT will see the return of symbol-objects… a blossoming of the 10,000 things. We will see the rise of Augmented Reality accompanied by an explosion in object culture – but an object culture where symbolic meaning and function become hyperpersonal, an interaction with form far beyond material function. Think: an object as specific as a teacup but with non-material application, understood, registered, and responded to by the machine – haptic input with specific application to an individual mind. As the joystick was to the computer, these symbols now become to human life within the pocket.

(To be continued… Episode 4)