Futurism S1 E1

The pocket computer is not a pocket computer, it is the fruiting body of the Internet. The fruiting body of the Internet is not a fruiting body at all, it’s a supermassive black hole… the collapse of a supermassive Homo Sapien star.

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Susurrous serendipity

It’s hard not to take serendipity personally. When a person walks into your life, exits stage left then immediately enters stage right: it’s a sign. Of what? Connected dots… Good things to come.

Story bubbles

I’m interested in story with no drama. Story built from body tension and joy rather than the personal problem. Yes, I would like to make stories like that.

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To enter a hardwood forest and feel immediately at peace. To be held so. To be that solid and so alive. To stretch for the sun.

Lighter and lighter

I want it lighter. I want the fun, the joyful. The laughter. The story with no drama. The idle frolicking. The silly. The nothing’s-wrong-and-yet-here-we-are!!

A drug is physical

A drug is a physical process which affects the body. An experience is a physical process which affects the body. Make the experience precise enough, and it can be just as refined in mechanism as any drug.

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